Proactive solutions with Shelter Melbourne

Shelter Melbourne believes in establishing positive atmosphere in the real estate industry.  The whole team here is dedicated to community partnerships, philanthropic pursuits through Global village housing. Zali, one of real estate agents here shows her conscious commitment to help others actualise their ambitions alongside her own. On the other side, Priya Sodhi strives to deliver an outstanding level of service and is supportive in delivering proactive solutions with instant quickness. Her level of providing service is outstanding.

The team here understands that sometimes queries are related to sell their client’s home. It could be a purpose to move into a big house or arrange money for the  higher education of their client. Michael Wilmington  work on these issues personally. He contacts prospective buyer while using his dependability and aptitude to deliver desirable solutions to each of his clients. If any professional grew up exploring and appreciating Melbourne’s unique neighbourhoods and cultural offerings then you could imagine the extreme of her service. Lidiya Davoli is the same person carrying such  inner sense of recognizing the beauty of a property. She has attained wealth of local real estate experience in the Boroondara and Stonnington areas throughout varying market conditions over the last 7 years. This has brought a remarkable fame to Shelter Melbourne.

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You may be thinking to sell your house or buy a new home. Both way, you're probably looking for a great real estate agent. Shelter Real Estate is also a real estate agent located at glen iris and leading for Owner, Broker, and Advisor over 16 years.

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